Monday, June 18, 2012

Illustration Friday's "Secret"


It's almost 1:00am over here and for the past like- 45minutes I've been trying to resize my darn image so I can upload it as a thumbnail without it gettting all distorted and boxy (which at first was kind of cool, since it reminded me of a pixeled painting I did in a course). After giving up on my inferior knowledge of photoshop I went to the only other option: Google!

So I think I got it; anywho here's my image for this weeks theme:

A linoleum cut.

      So I guess this would fall under Printmaking Illustration? I hope. 
And I also hope you dear reader can get the relationship between the image and the theme at hand. I mean secret = curiosity = childhood! 

The good/easier ol' days!

     Well... I have to go to sleep. My brother and me are taking our dad to an appointment he has with a specialist for his foot (swollen tendons after a baseball game), so I have had to get up pretty early.

Shoot!  Before I go, here's an image of how my linoleum plate looked liked after I mutilated the poor for this print.

     Than God for coffee.


  1. Haha, thank god for coffee indeed. This is really cool, but I have never heard of a linoleum plate. Except for the kitchen floor. I even imagined that you actually took an Exacto blade to a square of kitchen flooring. Whatever material it is, you did a great job with the print!

  2. Thank you so much! It is used, or was anyways, used for household floors but the one I used comes unmounted which its supposed to be specially made for printmaking. I'm pretty sure you can get 'em at any arts supply store.
    And I wish I had the strength to cut out some of the flooring in my house! It needs some renovations...